What Leaders Say About Us:

"I served on the Board of the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes when Donald was President, and I was mentored by him during my own presidency. I learned a great deal observing Donald at our meetings as he guided us from his many years of accumulated wisdom, while also drawing out the best in others on the board. In Donald’s role as my clergy coach, I find him amazingly accessible and available with pearls of wisdom and new ways of approaching challenges rectors encounter in staff development and day-to-day parish leadership. He also has a keen understanding of women’s leadership in the church.   — The Rev. Louanne Loch, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Jacksonville Beach, FL

“Donald Fishburne, more than any other leader I know, consistently works to bring out the best in other colleagues and connect people with resources for mission and ministry. His investment of time and energy as a mentor has motivated and encouraged the participation of many other creative, innovative and seasoned church leaders. He is a brilliant ‘networker’ in the best sense of that word!”         – The Rev. Kammy Young – Former Director of Contextual Education, The School of Theology at Sewanee: The University of the South

“Donald Fishburne offers a signature brand of cool confidence. Having led large congregations for many years, he is able to loosen a vestry's grip on the urgent by drawing clergy and lay leaders back to their core purpose. His method invites people to look backwards and forwards, evaluating what was and dreaming about what will be. Donald has been able to show that many of our dreams were exceeded, and often in less time than we had ever imagined possible. Deeply steeped in the Appreciative Way, Donald seeks to identify resources, not problems. Clergy and lay leaders leave his workshops feeling encouraged and supported, even as they have been challenged to change in significant ways.” — The Rev. Sandy Webb, Rector of the Church of the Holy Communion, Memphis, TN

"I know an excellent coach when I see one.  Donald brings to this work his years of experience as a rector, head of staff, mentor and trusted adviser to other priests in parochial settings.  He exhibits a particular joy and gift in leading other clergy in parish settings and in developing young clergy and mentoring seasoned, up-and-coming priests.  He is also gifted in the formation of postulants and candidates for the priesthood. Clearly there are many gifted rectors and there are excellent coaches.  However, to find someone with such natural ability in both roles is fairly rare.  Additionally Donald has a deep concern for the future of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion and has always shown his deep desire to make strong contributions to the future health of the Episcopal Church."      — The Rev. Dr. Douglass T. Lind, Founding Partner, The Sigma Group LLC  

"It was a wonderful and healing experience to have worked with Donald and to have been mentored by him." – The Rev. Quinn Parman, Rector of St. Peter’s, Chattanooga

"I want you to know that the things I learned during our year together are always a blessing to me in my ministry here as Rector of St. Hilary’s. Many times I think back on our time in your office, watching you lead Vestry meetings, and the sermons you masterfully preached. I will always be grateful for your influence in my ministry development as a priest." – The Rev. Charles Cannon III, Rector of St. Hilary’s Church, Fort Myers, Florida

"This is a priest who is on my speed dial." – The Rev. Dave Killeen, Rector of St. John’s Tallahassee